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These days, patients can select from various procedures that rejuvenate the fullness and contours of their face. However, facial fat grafting has increased in popularity because of its natural improvements and long-lasting benefits. Lost facial volume, commonly due to aging, is usually more prominent in cheeks, jawline, and eyes. By transferring your purified fat, the revolutionary BeautiFill® technology can treat some wrinkles, volume loss, folds, and fine lines. We can take extra fat from the stomach or hips and inject it into the preferred areas of your face for beautiful, long-lasting outcomes. To learn more about autologous facial fat transfer, please contact Flawless Salon and Medical Spa to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our certified providers.

What are the benefits of a facial fat transfer?

A facial fat transfer is one of the most popular beauty treatments provided globally. At our Butte, MT facility, it has many benefits, such as:

  • Minimal recovery time
  • Adds volume to the lips, cheeks, and other areas
  • Firms and fills out skin
  • Diminishes fine lines and furrows
  • Reduced chance of allergic reaction
  • Generates desired outcomes
  • Long-lasting aesthetic improvement
  • Extracts unwanted fat from trouble spots
  • Takes advantage of your existing fat rather than formulated fillers

Am I A Good Candidate For A Facial Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer with BeautiFill can help if you want to add natural-looking volume to specific areas of your face. A facial fat transfer can also improve wrinkles such as smile lines, laugh lines, and Crow's feet. Fat may be used to improve the appearance of pitted areas and scars as well. You can also enhance your cheeks and lips for a more youthful appearance. Similar to the results of a wrinkle filler injection, a fat transfer is a great option if you'd like longer-lasting results. In order to be a good candidate for a facial fat transfer at Flawless Salon and Medical Spa, you should have enough excess fat to meet your goals.

Facial Fat transfer faq

Should I get a dermal filler or fat transfer?

A facial fat transfer or an injectable wrinkle filler can treat fine lines and wrinkles while also adding volume. Although dermal fillers may give you beautiful results, a fat transfer often looks more natural and lasts longer.

Can facial fat grafting be combined with another procedure?

We can combine facial fat grafting with other skin treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing, other injectables, or facials.

How long does facial fat grafting take?

The length of time needed for your facial fat transfer will depend on the amount of fat we remove and the volume required to reach your goals. After creating your plan, we can discuss what to expect, including how long it will take for liposuction, fat preparation, and grafting. Next, one of our certified providers will carefully inject even layers of fat with advanced techniques so your results look natural.

Which areas of the face can patients treat with fat grafting?

Patients can receive a facial fat transfer in the cheeks or near folds to add volume and decrease the signs of aging. A fat transfer can augment the cheeks, improve the hollow areas underneath the eyes, and reduce acne scars and wrinkles (like brow furrows and marionette lines). Based on your concerns and aesthetic goals, we will create your custom treatment plan to focus on your problems and goals.

A New and Improved You

A facial fat transfer can also improve acne scars and static wrinkles (for example, brow furrows or marionette lines). Our team of experienced professionals at Flawless Salon and Medical Spa will develop your custom treatment plan to address your needs and aesthetic goals. Schedule a consultation at our Butte, MT practice today.

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