IV Vitamin Therapy in Butte, MT

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What Is IV Vitamin Therapy?

Are you in search of a solution to increase your overall vigor and wellness? At Flawless Salon and Medical Spa, our staff of trained experts offers intravenous (IV) vitamin treatments to help maximize your health and wellness. IV vitamin blends can include ingredients that may improve your skin radiance, aid in fat reduction, lower stress, aid with nutrient deficiencies, treat constant tiredness, and protect immune function. Patience Peale, Erik Kinzer, or another experienced member of our team will work with you to determine the kind of IV vitamin treatment that is the best fit for your concerns. If you want to learn more in-depth info regarding the perks of IV vitamin treatments, connect with our facility in Butte, MT to book an appointment.

How Is IV Vitamin Therapy Performed?

After we determine what vitamins and kind of IV drip treatment will best work for your needs, we'll safely apply the vitamin mixture in one of our individual procedure rooms. Your treatment area will be cleaned and the IV will be inserted. Patients will be able to relax or potentially fall asleep for the duration of the process. The IV drip delivers the vitamin cocktail, utilizing a careful drip into the bloodstream. One popular vitamin blend is the Myers' cocktail, which consists of B vitamins, C vitamins, and crucial minerals like calcium and magnesium. After your drip is finished, we'll secure a small bandage over the site of insertion. Intravenous vitamin therapy often lasts for about one hour, after which you can return home from our Butte, MT office and get back to your regular activities without any recovery period required.

Feel Your Best

With IV infusion treatment, you can experience improvements from a number of unpleasant issues and feel your best. At Flawless Salon and Medical Spa, we are happy to perform this therapy for patients with a variety of needs and concerns. Contact our Butte, MT facility to hear more details about IV vitamin therapy or to arrange an appointment with a member of our experienced team.

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