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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Using an innovative Alma laser system, unwanted hair removal has become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in Butte, MT. This convenient treatment can provide long-term results by removing unwanted hair on the face and/or body. Compared to other common hair removal methods, laser hair removal typically leaves the skin looking and feeling smoother while providing longer-lasting outcomes. At Flawless Salon and Medical Spa, we use the intuitive Harmony XL PRO laser for both women and men in common areas, like the arms, legs, back, face, armpits, and intimate areas. If you want to remove unwanted hair, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Repeated waxing or shaving is inconvenient. Laser hair removal carried out by the providers at Flawless Salon and Medical Spa in Butte, MT gives a wonderful option to the conventional way of smoothing away undesirable body hair. Benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • A swift procedure with minimal pain for many people
  • Prevents regrowth between treatments
  • Stops ingrown hairs
  • Gives long-term outcomes
  • Less intrusive than waxing or plucking
  • Makes skin smoother and more moisturized
  • May be effective for a variety of parts of the body and for many kinds of hair

Laser Hair Removal faq

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost of laser hair removal depends on the treatment area and the number of sessions. When thinking about cost-effectiveness, consider the time and energy you currently spend on shaving, waxing, or other hair removal methods. Because of this, laser hair removal is usually less expensive overall and will save you time and energy. During your appointment, we can create a plan for you that includes the number of recommended sessions and the cost.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

As a safe and effective procedure, laser hair removal provides long-lasting improvements. While patients can enjoy the treatment results for many years, we consider laser hair removal semi-permanent because some dormant hair follicles may not be affected by the laser. However, most patients find that their hair stays dormant. Sometimes, you experience stray hairs, but they should be easy to manage. Patients can schedule additional laser hair removal treatments to address new growth and any stragglers.

Why do I need multiple laser hair removal sessions?

Hair growth happens in phases. While some follicles grow, others are resting. Since each hair grows in various stages, we recommend multiple sessions to target each follicle when it's active. Spreading out your treatments over several weeks can help you get effective results and smoother skin.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Your laser hair removal session may cause mild discomfort, but you won't experience any severe pain. Patients feel a slight snap when the Harmony XL PRO handpiece zaps each follicle. Compared to getting waxed, many patients think laser hair removal is more comfortable.

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